August 15th, 2013 No Comments

desserts can fit into your party’s color palette too -like this brownie candy cane ice cream baked alaska

When planning a party or just having a simple dinner party or luncheon it’s always nice to consider your color palette when selecting your cocktails and desserts.  This is sometimes impossible but I find Pinterest to be a great source of inspiration especially when it comes to finding new recipes. With this week’s color palette in mind of pinks and warm neutrals this recipe for brownie and candy cane ice cream baked alaska seemed perfect from the site Completely Delicious (click link for full recipe). If your palette is very neutral then a pop of color can be fun for your drinks and sweets like these Bubblegum-tini’s by Peter Callahan. If your celebration is a bit more classic in tone, try something like his Mint-tini’s garnished with flowering mint. Of course for sweets you can look to coconut & chocolate flavors if you want to keep everything in a neutral color palette instead of introducing a bold color to your event.



coconut cupcakes.001