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flowers with michael george: a peek at the rewards of spring from michael’s very own personal garden

Last week every flowering tree burst into a profusion of blossoms. Dogwood, cherry, magnolia and lilac are all available locally or from your garden. More great news, peonies have arrived at great prices. The coral charms are a bit more expensive.

As far as telling you what to do, c’mon, you know what to do. And if you don’t remember, think of mom or grandma and you will remember. Spring is here.

For the more avid gardener, muscari, violets and blue bells are all up and with the cool weather the daffodils and forsythia are still fine.  –Michael George

michael george's chickens.001

michael george's garden.001

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michael george muscari w credit.001

Michael George also has a book available entitled “Simply Elegant Flowers with Michael George” or visit his site to order flowers directly or to set up an appointment to discuss your next upcoming celebration.

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