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from engagement photos to wedding photos la de da photography is capturing the bride and groom’s true style

When considering your wedding photography, don’t forget about your engagement photos. You may want to have the same photographer do both. And while the photographer works with you to do your engagement photos they’ll get to know you a bit more so that on the wedding day you’ll feel much more comfortable and the photographer with you. You feeling at ease around your photographer can help them capture those emotional moments that you want to remember the rest of your lives.

Melissa Mlejnik of La De Da Photography loves casual shots, nothing too contrived. She loves capturing everything natural that encompasses the style of a couple. Giving the couple a bit of direction and something do to is also key she says to capture great moments like these where the groom is dipping his bride. And it’s especially important if they are feeling a bit nervous in front of the camera. Reflecting what the couple loves in their lives and their favorite activities is really important to capture those smiles and laughs Melissa says. Photographing details of your wedding day or your interests, like this groom’s hat, is also very important. For engagement photos, it gives everyone a glimpse into your interests and for your wedding the details will bring together all the visual experiences you had on that day as well as the emotional.

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