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March 18th, 2014 No Comments

explore pinhole press

We’re loving the site Pinhole Press. They not only do stationery suites for weddings, birthdays and baby announcements, they have unique items like photo memory card games you can personalize with your own photos, to photo books, labels, coasters etc.. This is one site to explore if you have an upcoming party to plan or just photo memories to organize.

December 26th, 2013 No Comments

3 savvy ways to preserve precious photos, by photographer Laura Billingham

The holidays are a time we capture so many photos and videos of our loved ones. Then, at least for me, I tend to put organizing them and securing them on the back burner on my “to do” list. So I’ve asked professional photographer, Laura Billingham to share her advice for preserving photos. Thank you Laura for all this wonderful advice and links to great products to help us all. -Lynn Butler Beling 3 Savvy Ways To Preserve Photos by Laura Billingham 1. Scan it It’s a little sacrilegious coming from a former film lover, but I actually feel … Read more

July 3rd, 2013 No Comments

from engagement photos to wedding photos la de da photography is capturing the bride and groom’s true style

When considering your wedding photography, don’t forget about your engagement photos. You may want to have the same photographer do both. And while the photographer works with you to do your engagement photos they’ll get to know you a bit more so that on the wedding day you’ll feel much more comfortable and the photographer with you. You feeling at ease around your photographer can help them capture those emotional moments that you want to remember the rest of your lives. Melissa Mlejnik of La De Da Photography loves casual shots, nothing too contrived. She loves capturing everything natural … Read more