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March 18th, 2014 No Comments

explore pinhole press

We’re loving the site Pinhole Press. They not only do stationery suites for weddings, birthdays and baby announcements, they have unique items like photo memory card games you can personalize with your own photos, to photo books, labels, coasters etc.. This is one site to explore if you have an upcoming party to plan or just photo memories to organize.

October 2nd, 2013 No Comments

silhouettes for weddings, celebrations and family trees

The art of silhouettes is said to date back to the 1600’s when artists entertained royalty by cutting silhouettes of them in their hair pieces and fancy dress. Silhouettes became very popular in America in the late 18th century as portraits up until the invention of the photograph. Now there are only about 10-15 silhouette artists in the country. One of them I had the pleasure of meeting this past weekend, Ms. Deborah O’Connor. She cut my daughters’ profiles and I was so impressed with her detail. Having a silhouette cut for your wedding, anniversary or a special celebration … Read more

June 25th, 2013 1 Comment

fashion illustrations on your table? yes! a daughter breathes new life into her mother’s passion in a very unexpected way

Liz Glasgow, daughter of fashion illustrator Hilda Glasgow was admiring her mother’s illustrations one day. After her mothers passing at age 91, Liz kept the illustrations all together in a white cabinet which she had moved to her Long Island home. Her mother was one of the top fashion illustrators from 1940-1970 for the likes of everyone from Vogue to Glamour to Saks Fifth Avenue. “The idea that people should enjoy Mom’s drawings again came to me out of the blue in June 2010. Her drawings had always been stored in the white cabinet in our (Manhattan) apartment. She … Read more

May 1st, 2013 No Comments

weddings: start with a color palette and let your invitation set the tone for your event

When planning your wedding I have found it makes the planning and decision process so much easier if you select a color palette first. This will automatically narrow down your selection process when you are faced with a million options. Consider the colors of your ceremony and reception site though when selecting your color palette. Remember, the first thing your guests will see is your invitation. So think of your celebration as a whole and start with the invitation to set the mood and tone. Then carry this style and color palette throughout your event and hopefully what seems overwhelming … Read more

February 20th, 2013 No Comments

weddings with gail brill: what a professional calligrapher can do for you, it’s not just addressing envelopes!

Oddly enough, I am going to start this blog post talking about an American Folk hero named John Henry. When I was a kid, my parents read to us about Paul Bunyan and his Blue Ox named Babe, Johnny Appleseed and John Henry. John Henry “was a steel drivin’ man” who used a hammer to lay railroad tracks. One day he was pitted against a steam powered hammer that could do the job better than a man. John Henry took up the challenge to compete with the machine and in the end, John Henry won, but it didn’t end well. … Read more

February 6th, 2013 No Comments

introducing our february wedding contributor gail brill: hand calligraphy and the printing process

Thank you Lynn for allowing me this space to do a little talking about my craft. I started working with Lynn when she was at Martha Stewart Living many moons ago. We have worked together on various projects since. In fact, you can see my hand lettering throughout Lynn’s blog template! I often joke that my career as a calligrapher began in 3rd grade when I had to write 500 times “I will make an effort to improve my conduct in the cafeteria” and it was an exercise I loved doing! The reason for why I had to write those … Read more

October 31st, 2012 No Comments

fern & woodland inspired cake

One of my favorite wedding cakes is this fern and woodland inspired cake that writer and editor, Celia Barbour had at her wedding on Squam Lake in New Hampshire. The cake is made of smooth buttercream-frosted tiers. Buttercream piped ferns, real acorns and oak leaves adorn the layers. Many printing companies can add almost any icon of your choice to tie all your details of your wedding together. Pictured below is an example of a fern invitation from You could also use the icon on matchbooks, napkins and programs. Ferns and woodland elements (such as moss, leaves and … Read more