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silhouettes for weddings, celebrations and family trees

The art of silhouettes is said to date back to the 1600’s when artists entertained royalty by cutting silhouettes of them in their hair pieces and fancy dress. Silhouettes became very popular in America in the late 18th century as portraits up until the invention of the photograph. Now there are only about 10-15 silhouette artists in the country. One of them I had the pleasure of meeting this past weekend, Ms. Deborah O’Connor. She cut my daughters’ profiles and I was so impressed with her detail. Having a silhouette cut for your wedding, anniversary or a special celebration can be quite special and memorable. Ms. O’Connor did it quite fast that it was almost like an instant polaroid but cut by hand. She can do a silhouette via mail order if you send her a photo. So I’ve pulled some inspiration on how some couples have included silhouettes in their wedding. And after the wedding, creating a family tree from silhouettes can be a unique way to showcase your new union. If you would like to read more about the history of silhouettes in American Life here’s a link to an interesting article. -Lynn Butler Beling

girls silhouettes.001

Silhouettes of my daughters by Deborah O’Connor

silhouette invitation.001

Custom silhouette invitation via Amy Heitman on Etsy.com

silhouette reserve card.001

Reserved seating at the ceremony or these could act as “place cards” at each table

silhouette seating cards.001

Seating cards with the couple’s silhouette at the top center of each card

silhouette cake.001

A silhouette cake topper (via 100 layer cake)

silhouette family wall.001

A family tree using white against color mats to bring a little modernity to the silhouette. (via Martha Stewart Living)