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weddings: start with a color palette and let your invitation set the tone for your event

When planning your wedding I have found it makes the planning and decision process so much easier if you select a color palette first. This will automatically narrow down your selection process when you are faced with a million options. Consider the colors of your ceremony and reception site though when selecting your color palette. Remember, the first thing your guests will see is your invitation. So think of your celebration as a whole and start with the invitation to set the mood and tone. Then carry this style and color palette throughout your event and hopefully what seems overwhelming at the start can begin to take shape and be fun for both you and your groom. Not everything has to be so match-matchy though, white flowers can be a wonderful neutral to let your colors pop and a classic choice. There are so many white flowers for any season. Small details like shoes, men’s pocket squares, a favor, a seating card, these all are places you might want to weave your color palette into your event. You can even take it as far as your honeymoon with your going away outfit, swim suit etc.. Have fun with it!


green & gray wedding details.001

Laila Dress in Mercury Gray, and Gray Tassel Tank Swimsuit, both from J.Crew, Manolo Blahnik Suede Pump, from Bergdorf Goodman, White peonies, from Michael George Flowers, Favor via Martha Stewart Weddings. Invitation above from Plum Paper.

Note: We feature a different color palette each Monday on our blog. This week is Gray, Green and Neutrals. Just search “color palette” on our blog for more palettes that might inspire your wedding or celebration.

color palette celine ad gray:green.001