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inspiration for your holiday table: mckenzie powell’s enchanting florals

Mckenzie Powell, floral and event designer based in Seattle, has such romantic and organically beautiful florals. Mckenzie trained as a graphic designer which clearly has an impact on both her floral and event design. Her blog is charming. It features so many of her elegant celebrations and snippets of her personality and travels. When I asked her what advice she had for creating holiday centerpieces Mckenzie told me, “While I obviously love a lush floral centerpiece, something on the simpler side can still be really lovely. One of my go-to’s is using a collection of small potted plants, a favorite being ‘Rex Begonias’. Pot them in an assortment of antique goblets of varying heights, add lots of candlelight (both tapers and votives), and tuck a few gorgeous pomegranates in around the base. Easy, inexpensive, but really beautiful.”

mckenzie powell: tiny vase.001

Using berries and foliage certainly brings a textural quality to her florals and it also marries the centerpiece to the table when these trickle down onto the surface and hug the candlelight. By keeping centerpieces low it allows all your guests to see each other across the table and converse easily.

mckenzie powell jasmine & candles.001

mckenzie powell: peach, burgundy, gold.001

A palette of burgundy, plums, peach, pink and gold make a fall table feel warm and inviting. Mckenzie uses both large and small containers in varying heights to add more interest to a table setting.

mckenzie powell burgundy.001

mckenzie powell plum & peach flowers.001

mckenzie powell peach, blue.001

mckenzie powell pink:peach:raspberries.001

mckenzie powell dessert buffet.001

For larger parties a dessert buffet or champagne bar can look gorgeous with either one large centerpiece or multiples of vases in varying heights along the border.

mckenzie powell champagne bar.001

For more inspiring flowers or information about Mckenzie visit her site Mckenzie Powell Floral & Event Design or follow her on twitter @mckenziepowell.


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