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never underestimate the power of a paper pom pom to make guests smile

Whether you are throwing a baby shower, birthday party, a small party for friends or a large wedding- tissue paper pom poms always seem to put a smile on everyone’s face. Usually hung from the ceiling, trees or beams with clear fishing wire, (or as you see above hung by ribbons) anyone can decorate like a pro with these fun paper crafts. Hang them in varying sizes, colors and heights for the most visual interest. They come in almost every color and are available from craft stores, to Etsy.com to paper supply companies. My go-to store for inexpensive party supplies like these is Pear River in Soho New York City, but they have an online store too. The pom poms have ‘cousins’ that you can mix in too…paper lanterns, paper flowers and rice paper daisies. Of course if you’d like to make your own tissue paper pom poms Martha Stewart Crafts has kits to make things a little bit easier or go to her site for paper craft how-to’s. (photos above and directly below via martha stewart crafts)

pink pom poms.001

tissue pom poms over tables.001

Partyondesigns.com has different sized pom poms and a really nice selection of colors (shown below).

tissue pom pom colors.001

The paper “cousins” of the pom poms…. paper flowers, paper lanterns and paper ‘daisies’, all available at Pearl River.

paper flowers, lanterns, etc. .001

This creative use of paper at a party is from Emma Smith, a stationer in Australia. We thought it was pretty inspiring.

paper on walls party.001