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peter callahan shares how he includes monograms at his celebrated events

Peter Callahan, Creative Director of Peter Callahan Catering, shared with us some unique ways to incorporate your monogram into your next celebration. Above, mini reuben sandwiches are topped off with monogrammed pendants. Below, Peter  puts monograms in the bottom of drink trays with a sheet of acrylic over the top to personalize cocktail serving. He also adds monograms on mini take out food boxes that he puts spicy chicken fortune cookies in. You can personalize most anything from mini pizza boxes to cones for frites! As you can see, there are several ways you can display your monogram- with a single initial, two initials, or  three initials. You can also add the date of the event along with your monogram or an icon like Peter added on the pendant above.

Peter is so creative, his catering company is a culinary design studio focused on producing experiential events and products never seen before. Peter is known for is custom styling of events and his fun bite size foods. Peter’s book, Bite by Bite: 100 stylish little plates you can make for any party, is the #1  Bestselling Cookbook on Appetizers WORLDWIDE for 7 Months in a row! I love this book! You can make these dreamy little recipes at home with Peter’s expert advice and tips throughout. I’ve been working with Peter for over 15 years now and he’s such a delight! If you have the opportunity to hire his company for an event- you’ll be so blown away with his talent- I promise! Visit his site to see more ideas & inspiration.

Peter will be our March Weddings & Celebrations Contributor. We post about weddings and celebrations every Wednesday, so make sure to come back to read all of Peter’s posts the entire month, or make sure to sign up to receive our blog via e-mail.

-Lynn Butler Beling

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