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February 4th, 2014 No Comments

victoria amory introduces a new line of specialty condiments for entertaining

Victoria Amory has done it again. Besides her wonderful soups and meals she has introduced a line of gourmet condiments to make entertaining “effortless” at home. This is a wonderful gift for the foodie in your life or just to keep in your pantry for parties this winter and spring. Head to her website for recipe ideas and of course to purchase. – Lynn Butler Beling

November 22nd, 2013 No Comments

miniature bites by peter callahan, perfect for entertaining over the holidays

You know I’m a big fan of my friend, Peter Callahan’s food and no better time of the year to either give his book “Bite by Bite” as a gift or to make the recipes yourself for any holiday gathering. He’s known for is miniature creations of small bite sized foods. This deviled quail egg above is a perfect hors d’oeuvre for holiday parties. But his book is packed full of creative ideas and recipes. Hands down it’s one of my favorite books to both have and to give.

November 1st, 2013 No Comments

recipes: white chocolate pumpkin cheesecake

Here is a wonderful no bake white chocolate pumpkin cheesecake with pecan pie crust recipe from And if cheesecake isn’t quite your thing see her link for 100 of the best pumpkin recipes. As the holidays approach it’s fun to try new recipes on the weekends in November. Let us know what your favorite recipe is by leaving a comment!

October 18th, 2013 No Comments

home cooks from around the country share their winning recipes on

Concord Grape Smash anyone? You’ll find the recipe below and on We are loving this site that has contests 52 weeks out of the year for winning recipes from “inventive home cooks” throughout the country. They also compiled the winning recipes into books. Currently there are two volumes available on Wouldn’t these books make great gifts for the cook on your holiday list this year? We think so!    

September 3rd, 2013 No Comments

gather your senses with this print magazine

If you love collecting and trying recipes and you love beautiful photography take a look at the magazine called “Gather”. It is a winner of a 2013 James Beard Award and two 2013 Society of Publication Designer Gold Medals. Here is the subscription link. You can also find this print magazine at select Anthropologie and West Elm stores.

May 31st, 2013 No Comments

the perfect place for quick hostess gifts…eataly

My friend that is a total “foodie” came to my house this past weekend with the most incredible orange bread in tow. She was a food stylist for years (so she is very discriminating when it comes to food) and loves frequenting Eataly in New York City for it’s fresh market and also the 7 restaurants it offers. This had to be the best bread I’ve ever tasted. It had large orange bits baked in and although I looked online for a recipe to link you to, none of the recipes I found included large chunks or almost candied … Read more

May 10th, 2013 No Comments

potted shrimp…with an edible flower topper!

As you all probably know by now I’m a huge fan of my friend Peter Callahan‘s mini creations. I’m constantly amazed by his creativity. While scouring his book, Bite by Bite: 100 Stylish Little Plates You Can Make for Any Partyfor some ideas for Memorial Day Weekend I came across his Potted Shrimp. The recipe is in his book- which I recommend getting if you already haven’t- but Peter also gives the tip that you could skip making the pastry pots and serve the shrimp in clean one inch flower pots. How divine!  Here is a good link … Read more

April 26th, 2013 No Comments

entertaining with victoria amory: 3 recipes for tomato & orange gourmet cooking sauce

Victoria Amory, cooking and entertaining expert, has four gourmet cooking sauces available now on Today she shares three unique recipes for her tomato and orange cooking sauce. This month Victoria also launched soups and entrées on, so you can simply purchase her ready-made foods and your guests will think you are a gourmet chef (We love this!). Make sure to pick up Palm Beach Entertaining too, a book Victoria co-authored. We bet you’ll love it as much as you love her recipes and foods.  

April 19th, 2013 No Comments

entertaining with victoria amory: 3 recipes for her apricot & almond gourmet cooking sauce

Every Friday in April, celebrated cook and TV personality, Victoria Amory, has been sharing recipes for her new gourmet cooking sauces available on Last week Victoria also introduced soups and other dishes like chicken parmesan.  With all these prepared foods now available it’s like having Victoria come to our home and cook for us personally! We love it!

March 1st, 2013 No Comments

peter callahan shares how he includes monograms at his celebrated events

Peter Callahan, Creative Director of Peter Callahan Catering, shared with us some unique ways to incorporate your monogram into your next celebration. Above, mini reuben sandwiches are topped off with monogrammed pendants. Below, Peter  puts monograms in the bottom of drink trays with a sheet of acrylic over the top to personalize cocktail serving. He also adds monograms on mini take out food boxes that he puts spicy chicken fortune cookies in. You can personalize most anything from mini pizza boxes to cones for frites! As you can see, there are several ways you can display your monogram- with a single … Read more