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February 4th, 2014 No Comments

victoria amory introduces a new line of specialty condiments for entertaining

Victoria Amory has done it again. Besides her wonderful soups and meals she has introduced a line of gourmet condiments to make entertaining “effortless” at home. This is a wonderful gift for the foodie in your life or just to keep in your pantry for parties this winter and spring. Head to her website for recipe ideas and of course to purchase. – Lynn Butler Beling

April 26th, 2013 No Comments

entertaining with victoria amory: 3 recipes for tomato & orange gourmet cooking sauce

Victoria Amory, cooking and entertaining expert, has four gourmet cooking sauces available now on Today she shares three unique recipes for her tomato and orange cooking sauce. This month Victoria also launched soups and entrées on, so you can simply purchase her ready-made foods and your guests will think you are a gourmet chef (We love this!). Make sure to pick up Palm Beach Entertaining too, a book Victoria co-authored. We bet you’ll love it as much as you love her recipes and foods.  

April 19th, 2013 No Comments

entertaining with victoria amory: 3 recipes for her apricot & almond gourmet cooking sauce

Every Friday in April, celebrated cook and TV personality, Victoria Amory, has been sharing recipes for her new gourmet cooking sauces available on Last week Victoria also introduced soups and other dishes like chicken parmesan.  With all these prepared foods now available it’s like having Victoria come to our home and cook for us personally! We love it!

April 12th, 2013 No Comments

entertaining with victoria amory: 3 recipes for plum & cranberry gourmet cooking sauce

As part of our on-going series with celebrated cook and tv personality Victoria Amory, Victoria will be sharing recipes for her new line of gourmet cooking sauces every Friday in April. Today Victoria shares with us 3 recipes for her plum & cranberry sauce! Don’t forget that all four flavors of her sauces are all sold through

April 5th, 2013 No Comments

entertaining with victoria amory: introducing 4 new gourmet cooking sauces and sharing recipes for each every friday in april

I’m honored to know the effervescent and talented Victoria Amory. She is a celebrated cooking and entertaining expert. Victoria’s Spanish roots growing up between Madrid and Sevilla with her parents the Count and Countess de la Maza and their gracious way of entertaining certainly influences all her endeavors. Now splitting her time between Palm Beach, FL. and Greenwich, CT. with her husband and three boys she somehow finds time to contribute to many publications, do TV appearances and is working on her third book (really it’s her fourth book, since she was a co-author of Palm Beach … Read more