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salted cherry blossoms: a recipe for sakura tea from andrea gentl of hungry ghost food and travel

Oh my god, how absolutely beautiful…is what I thought when I saw these photos from photographer Andrea Gentl. If these photos don’t take your breath away this morning, then I think maybe a cup of coffee is in order. This week Andrea posted these photos on her blog Hungry Ghost Food and Travel along with the recipe to make Sakura tea. She explains that Sakura tea (or Salted Cherry Blossom Tea) is often served at weddings in Japan. Andrea graciously allowed me to share some of her post below (so keep scrolling down!) For even a few more ideas and photos make sure to read her original post which I linked above. -Lynn Butler Beling

Note: Andrea is a world renowned photographer that I had the pleasure of working with while I was at Martha Stewart Weddings. A most recent book she’s worked on that I think you might like is the Chef’s Collaborative Cookbook: Local, Sustainable, Delicious: Recipes from America’s Great Chefs, which just dropped in March.

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All photos copyright of Andrea Gentl.