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shades of blue in wedding & party details, for winter or summer

Our color palette this week of shades of blues and neutrals is perfect really any time of the year for any climate. It’s a perfect choice for seaside weddings and celebrations. Or pair blues with crisp white and silver, which as you saw on Tuesday’s post how it can be beautiful for winter celebrations too. Above, a collection of blue bottles makes a stunning centerpiece. Take time to gather a collection to use for a larger celebration when there are multiple tables. Many brides and event planners collect bottles, vases and containers in the months leading up to the celebration. Collections really personalize an event and you may make lots of memories along the way. Below, a bouquet doesn’t always have to be white, a blue bouquet can also be your “something blue” or for your maids bouquets. This combination would also be pretty as centerpieces.

blue bouquet.001

You can add some visual interest to your seating card table by choosing shades of your color palette, in this case blue. Attaching a small favor or icon like these gold fish also personalizes a usually flat display. By painting plastic animals or fish with craft paint you can achieve this look.


You can also dress up a usually plain place card simply by using a craft punch with an icon appropriate to your celebration like you see below.


Credits: Intimate Weddings, Rustic Chic Weddings