August 17th, 2012 No Comments

shopping for succulent wreaths and succulent vertical wall planters

I am most definitely going to order a succulent wreath this year for the holidays and here is a company that is taking pre-orders for November delivery- Cactus Jungle Nursery. They have 10″ wreaths for $44 and 15″ for $132.

I’ve also been so interested in creating a vertical wall succulent planter. Sunset magazine has a great little article on how to do it yourself or where to buy a pre-assembled succulent garden (at, note they also have succulent wreaths and kits). If you just need the frame and want to plant it yourself, try searching– you’ll find many people making these planters. I have not ordered from this shop yet, but I like the offerings it has- DansGeneralStore. ┬áThe frames are made from cedar and galvanized steel mesh. The owner also uses waterproof vinyl for backing boards vs. plywood which will easily rot.