November 30th, 2012 No Comments

shopping for wreaths under $100

If you want to make your own wreath, wrapping boxes and affixing them to a wreath form is a beautiful idea to keep within a specific color palette or buy three of the same wreath and hang with ribbon vertically on your door. Below are our shopping pick’s for wreaths that would look beautiful with a blue, silver or white bow (or just the way they are!). Clockwise: Woodland Winter Wreath, $44.95 and Beachcomber’s Wreath, $59, both from L.L.Bean. Outdoor Ornament Pine Wreath Gold/Silver, $39 and Live Succulent Wreath, $99, both from Pottery Barn. Preserved Boxwood wreaths, $12.90-99.70 from Bella Marie. Glitter Pine Wreath with silver and white balls, $25, from Jamali Garden. Note: For a quick gift wrap wreath explanation- click here. You can find many plain small boxes for wrapping as well as wrapping paper in solid colors and ribbon at the Container Store.

Photos above in cover photo via Martha Stewart.