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tabletop: have fun with your setting by using a bright spring palette

I love minimal tables and design (as you can see from my shop), but now that I have children I’m finding that bright pops of color and whimsy is fun and can be just as pretty when setting a table, especially for the holidays. Adding little touches like small bowls of lollipops, candy sticks and cupcakes are inexpensive but effective to make your table look festive.  A table like this is very easy to pull together, so let’s break it down to make it easy for you. If you’d like to work from this specific palette then make sure to note yesterdays palette guide. Carrying paint chips in your color palette to stores is a great way to keep you focused and make sure things are the same color. Remember the key thing to remember when designing a table is to keep to a color palette  (usually of 1-3 colors) and it will be successful.

I started with a bright pink and white plaid tablecloth. As I see fabric I like throughout the year I pick it up and make cloths,runners and napkins. (Now with Etsy.com it’s very easy to go online and search from many great crafts shops to find some unique pieces-whether it’s table cloths or little figurines.) I used my simple WHITE CHINA plates, my everyday flatware,white tea cups and peach napkins which I placed on the center of the white plate. For adults I added polka dot glasses for mimosas. By adding a specialty glass or a colored glass as one of your glasses it can be that extra special layer to the overall look. I did not use a main centerpiece, instead I filled small white bowls with lollipops and placed at each setting along miniature rabbits.  I’ve been collecting small little porcelain rabbits at sales. You can get your collection off the shelves and decorate your table, whether that collection is tea cups, animal figures. You can group the collection in the center of the table or at each place setting like I did here. Also at each place setting I put a pink frosted cupcake to the upper right corner by the tea cups for dessert. Lemon candy sticks fit perfectly through the tea cup handle for an added pop of color and fun. For the kids settings you could tie a grouping together with ribbon or bakers twine and place on the napkin instead of the flower. If you feel you need more height to a table like this then add plain glass carafs of water or juice or wine so that guests can help themselves. Now for the finishing touch I took a velvet yellow ribbon and criss crossed it over the plate. You don’t always have to tie the ribbon, especially a thick one like this. When your guest goes to take off the  flower and ribbon it’s just a slip of the hand. For the flower, I placed large rosy pink silk peonies. You could certainly use a fresh bloom as well. A little trick to keep the bloom fresh is to get small water viles to keep the stem in which you can pick up at your local craft or floral supply store. If the bloom is large enough, you will never see it from the front.

If you ever have any comments or questions please let me know. I’d be happy to help you design your table or brainstorm an idea!

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tablesetting details 2.001

Floral-piks_9X-100_DT_DNWATER VILES