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January 29th, 2013 No Comments

tabletop: scalamandre teams with lenox to bring their iconic patterns to the table

Scalamandre textile house is collaborating with manufacturer, Lenox, to bring five of their fabric & wallpaper patterns to the table. Bloomingdale’s just debuted the collection. Among the five patterns is the iconic Zebras that was originally a wallpaper that adorned the walls of the legendary New York City restaurant, Gino’s. Gino’s has since closed but Scalamadre has resurrected the wallpaper in it’s line and now in a china pattern. The Bouvier pattern (picutred directly below) was also originally a wallpaper that was in the private home of Averell and Marie Harriman. Jacqueline Kennedy stayed with the Harriman’s in Washington after her … Read more

July 30th, 2012 No Comments

this week’s color palette: black and white

This beautiful photograph is by Scotch Macaskill, a photojournalist and editor living in South Africa. His wildlife photography is amazing. A few of his photos he has posted using a slow shutter speed look like paintings. Scotch (his real name is Andrew) shares details about the cameras, lenses and shutter speeds he uses. Are black and white colors? That seems to be a debated subject. Here’s a site that goes through different theories. It’s an interesting short read.