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January 15th, 2014 No Comments

jen huang photography & her gorgeous blog

Although I have worked with many photographers that we have featured here on my blog, there are of course so many great photographers out there that I haven’t worked with and there is one lately I keep coming back to- Jen Huang. I love her style and that she can capture both the details, the essence of a location and the people (not so many photographers are good at both). Her main site has a handful of featured weddings and celebrations so you can see her overall style, but I love her blog. She posts many more shots there … Read more

July 30th, 2012 No Comments

this week’s color palette: black and white

This beautiful photograph is by Scotch Macaskill, a photojournalist and editor living in South Africa. His wildlife photography is amazing. A few of his photos he has posted using a slow shutter speed look like paintings. Scotch (his real name is Andrew) shares details about the cameras, lenses and shutter speeds he uses. Are black and white colors? That seems to be a debated subject. Here’s a site that goes through different theories. It’s an interesting short read.

June 27th, 2012 No Comments

wedding photography: don’t forget to consider the details, guests and groom

Sometimes photographers get the most amazing photos at your wedding- not only of you but of the children and guests. A great photographer will always be looking around for those special moments to capture. A bad vendor will be standing in the corner on break eating or talking on their phone while your wedding is flashing before their eyes. I have seen both types at the weddings I have covered for magazines. Philippe Cheng though is one of the greats. I’m in love with this photo he took of the redheaded boys with all the graphic sea blue striped … Read more