July 16th, 2012 No Comments

this week’s color palette: foliage greens

In the height of the summer with all the blooming flowers and vegetables, I think sometimes I overlook the beauty of the lush greenery of the trees, privet, boxwoods, ferns and variations of hosta and succulents. All the shades of green from light, to a deep green (one that almost looks black) are a wonderful, natural palette, especially for your home. Combined with the neutral shades of hardscaping, like stone or black in railings and planters, shades of green appear to be so classic and crisp. Like this photo of designer, Barbara Barry from Town & Country magazine (and photographed by Victoria Pearson), it’s a great example of how simple and classic elements with greenery can look so fresh and serene with an understated elegance.  A summer garden, patio or interior doesn’t always have to have that big bright splash of bright colors to make you step back and say …..wow!  Below is a photograph of Barry’s oval pool. Here she also chose to keep the palette to greens.