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September 24th, 2013 No Comments

how to create a simple buffet for entertaining

Setting up a casual buffet for entertaining friends at home can be simple. I like to bring a table that I usually use inside- outside for two reasons. One, it feels homey and creates a unique look. Two, it allows your outside patio table to be used to actually sit down and eat with your guests. If you don’t have an extra table, you can use anything from an old dresser or a cardboard table and drape it in a nice simple ivory cloth. Use everyday items from your kitchen like cutting boards , cereal bowls and tumblers as food … Read more

May 30th, 2013 No Comments

create an outdoor room with this week’s seashell color palette

It can be overwhelming narrowing down the hundreds of options for outdoor furniture and accessories these days, but the good thing is that outdoor furniture is now available for every budget from low to high. We’ve selected a few things from the market to create a soothing outdoor room within this week’s seashell color palette. Remember an outdoor room can be defined by the furniture placement, outdoor curtains or a large umbrella or grouping of umbrellas, a permanent structure, planters or shrubs or a patio. Above, the Capri Collection from Restoration Hardware. Accessories like their amazingly large Clamshell can bring a sense … Read more

July 16th, 2012 No Comments

this week’s color palette: foliage greens

In the height of the summer with all the blooming flowers and vegetables, I think sometimes I overlook the beauty of the lush greenery of the trees, privet, boxwoods, ferns and variations of hosta and succulents. All the shades of green from light, to a deep green (one that almost looks black) are a wonderful, natural palette, especially for your home. Combined with the neutral shades of hardscaping, like stone or black in railings and planters, shades of green appear to be so classic and crisp. Like this photo of designer, Barbara Barry from Town & Country magazine (and photographed … Read more