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create an outdoor room with this week’s seashell color palette

It can be overwhelming narrowing down the hundreds of options for outdoor furniture and accessories these days, but the good thing is that outdoor furniture is now available for every budget from low to high. We’ve selected a few things from the market to create a soothing outdoor room within this week’s seashell color palette. Remember an outdoor room can be defined by the furniture placement, outdoor curtains or a large umbrella or grouping of umbrellas, a permanent structure, planters or shrubs or a patio.

Above, the Capri Collection from Restoration Hardware. Accessories like their amazingly large Clamshell can bring a sense of the beach to your space no matter where you are. (Pictured below) Outdoor rugs like these Solid Sunbrella Braided Outdoor Rugs can also help define your outdoor room. Planters from Jamali Garden come in many of the colors in our color palette and can be lightweight so you can easily move them around.  Adding furniture pieces like the Heritage Director Chair from Hildreth’s Department Store, the Pyrenean Lounge Chair from Anthropology or the Graphite Outdoor Pouf, available online at Crate & Barrel, can help break up a standard outdoor set and bring character to your space. Also look at local thrift stores or yard sales for vintage pieces that may just need a coat of paint. Accessories can help carry through a color palette or feeling of the beach like the Sanctus (rope) Clouche from Anthropologie or these Organic Japanese Waffle Air Towels, from abc carpet & home. Of course pillows are the easiest way to update an outdoor room or add that much needed softness to the space. We found this Rose Grid Pillow, available at Crate & Barrel Stores in our color palette. Lanterns can bring in your style to your space too whether they be classic hurricane lanterns or something more asian or middle eastern. This portable Tabletop Fireplace, available through our little blue dish shop, is something that we absolutely love because it can be a centerpiece on a table or coffee table or be placed on a buffet table to add light and ambiance like a small fireplace.

outdoor accessories in seashell palette.001

Outdoor umbrellas come in all sizes and price ranges. We linked you to this large umbrella that could cover an entire table or seating area.

outdoor umbrellas.001

Outdoor drapery can also define a space and add a sense of intimacy like this area below. You can add drapes to your porch, pool house, an outdoor structure like this one or create an inexpensive structure using bamboo poles as posts and cross bars/ curtain rods.

outdoor room with beams.001