March 11th, 2013 No Comments

this week’s color palette: mint & basil greens

If you’ve been reading my blog you might know I love the Donna Hay cookbooks. Her book Flavors might be one of my favorites. It takes you through classic flavors and devotes an entire chapter for each one, like vanilla, salt & pepper, chocolate…and this week’s inspiration- mint & basil. She has so many creative recipes for these flavors, I highly recommend her books. The photography by Australian photographer Petrina Tinslay is gorgeous and the recipes are simple and clear.

As I do weekly I select Benjamin Moore paint colors to coincide with our inspirational photo & color palette to guide you. I chose these the two accent colors based on nature. If you really look closely at a mint leaf the stem is a dark burgundy color. And although the color “herb garden” from Benjamin Moore is a rather traditional green I chose two more vibrant, I think a little more modern, lighter green colors to go with it for this palette.

Don’t forget I’m not suggesting you paint your entire room these colors but they are a great starting point if you love this palette. Your walls could be in one of the lighter colors and accents, large pieces or drapery in the darker as just an example. I find the best way to keep within a color palette you’ve decided on when shopping for your home is to carry the paint cards with you. The colors I selected will be on different cards but just cut the colors you like from the paint card and put them all on one index card. (paint cards are free so it doesn’t matter how many you get) Use a laminate sheet to protect them if you’ll be carrying them in your bag for awhile. This way if you come across a great pillow for example, you’ll know if it will be within your color palette or not by simply just holding up your color palette card to the item. -Lynn Butler Beling