June 3rd, 2013 No Comments

this week’s color palette: spring pinks with bright yellow, gray and green

The roses are in bloom now as well as the cosmos and geraniums, each one with their own shade of pink…the geranium being a bit more coral in color. The bright yellow, the greens of the stems and leaves and the gray background all can act as pops of accent color or in the case of the gray, a grounding color for floors or your furniture palette. I have maple floors in my own home that are pre-stained a gray, so it is possible to have a gray floor apart from the obvious rugs. Benjamin Moore paint colors guide you with this color palette. Remember if you love this palette and want to use it not only for decorating but for say a party or your wedding, the paint chip swatches are still a great way to guide you and your vendors to a cohesive color palette, especially since there are so many shades of pink. When you say pink to a vendor you might have one shade in mind while they have another.

I hope you’ll keep following along with us this week. If you just joined us we introduce a color palette each Monday and we keep posting about that palette throughout the week. This week when we talk about weddings on Wednesday I’ll do a re-cap of the recent Stationery Show. I found some great new talented vendors and reconnected with a vendor I had worked with over 12 years ago! We’ll also do a Father’s Day gift guide.  So please, sign up to receive our blog posts everyday by filling in your e-mail in the space provided in the column to the right- right above our Little Blue Dish Shop ad.   We do not share or sell your e-mail, it’s confidential. Also be sure to follow our Facebook Page and follow me on Twitter. Glad you’re here! – Lynn Butler Beling