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update how you serve punch for the holidays with these simple ideas & recipes

You can update the look of a traditional punch bowl just by using these other glasses and vessels. At the Philly Fish House in Philadelphia they take old wine bottles and recycle them by filling with their Philly Fish House Punch recipe and letting guests serve themselves from the bottles. Love those tumblers they show? We have them available on our shop. Here’s the link. (above photo by Tina Rupp)

Consider using martini glasses to serve your punch to your guests instead of a tumbler or glass cup.  This Pineapple Punch from Cosmopolitan looks great in a martini glass.

pineapple punch.001

Try using a glass hurricane or compote instead of a round punch bowl. Make sure to have a ladle and towel handy for guests. My favorite punch this time of year? I love this Lemon Drop Champagne Punch recipe from Martha Stewart. I’ve served this many times with hors d’oeuvres on Thanksgiving day and it certainly takes the edge off and puts everyone at ease. Served in large wine glasses it takes on a more formal look.

lemon drop punch.001

I top off bottles with miniature pineapples as stoppers when serving fruity beverages or mixers. Pineapples symbolize hospitality so they are perfect to decorate with over the holidays. – Lynn Butler Beling

mimosa bottles w mini pineapples.001