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November 19th, 2013 No Comments

update how you serve punch for the holidays with these simple ideas & recipes

You can update the look of a traditional punch bowl just by using these other glasses and vessels. At the Philly Fish House in Philadelphia they take old wine bottles and recycle them by filling with their Philly Fish House Punch recipe and letting guests serve themselves from the bottles. Love those tumblers they show? We have them available on our shop. Here’s the link. (above photo by Tina Rupp) Consider using martini glasses to serve your punch to your guests instead of a tumbler or glass cup.  This Pineapple Punch from Cosmopolitan looks great in a martini glass. Try … Read more

September 20th, 2013 No Comments

easy weekend entertaining with cherry fizzes and hot toddies

These are the last weekends with a bit of warm weather before the cool air comes in, so why not take advantage and invite a few friends over for drinks? This cherry fizz (above) is easy and non-alcoholic. I always like to have a non-alcoholic drink for guests (besides water) so they feel like they are part of the celebration. Cherry Fizz: Serves 2 / 1 cup cherry juice, 1 cup ginger ale, mix with ice and serve in chilled glass. How about a Hot Toddy? (see recipe below) Serve in an old fashioned thermos to take outside to an outdoor … Read more

June 28th, 2013 No Comments

orange sherbet punch, perfect for a hot summer day!

While looking for a sherbet punch recipe I came across this creative site called eighteen25. Created by three sisters born and living in Vegas, their name came about from the numbers hammered to their mailbox at the home where they grew up. They shared a simple punch recipe, that uses vanilla ice cream, orange sherbet, orange juice and ginger ale. For the complete post and recipe directions here is the link. I love this because both kids and adults can enjoy this summer treat. With 11 kids between the sisters they certainly know how to keep everyone cool and … Read more

February 23rd, 2013 No Comments

oscar party: how about a stiff bourbon mississippi punch? add these ingredients to your shopping list!

A bit bored with just a glass of champagne to watch the Oscars?  I don’t want to talk bad about my favorite go to drink, but this Mississippi Punch could be just the ticket to watch the Oscars with friends. Self serve… with a combination of black tea, bourbon, cognac, sugar, lemon and nutmeg… sounds like the perfect mix! Here is the recipe: Mississippi Punch Ingredients 1½  cups raw sugar 1  quart black tea 1 quart bourbon 2  cups dark rum 2  cups cognac 1½  cups fresh lemon juice 1½  quarts water Nutmeg Preparation Dissolve the sugar in the tea, then … Read more