July 18th, 2012 No Comments

weddings: a classic wedding reception by Michael George takes cues from the surrounding foliage

Michael George does simplicity so well. His attention to detail and stem finishes and cuts are so precise every arrangement is a piece of art. Here he brought 3 different white flowers together in 3 varying heights and exposed their expertly cut green stems in clear glass vessels to create a visually interesting centerpiece. Though Michael’s perfection in cutting and binding stems is very organized, his event design is so classic, most of his palettes follow natural color combinations and textures so that his events never feel contrived. The varying size and height of the hanging lanterns, combined with the open-sided tent and natural wood chairs and neutral cloths come together so effortlessly. Michael took cues from the surrounding flowering hydrangea trees and green privets. If you are thinking of planning your wedding or celebration during the spring or summer when foliage greens will be abundant, don’t discount this natural palette as your color palette. It’s easy and restful on the eyes and very romantic paired with natural elements and candlelight. For more great inspiration or examples of arrangements and flowers visit Michael’s site, michaelgeorgeflowers.com. (Michael’s a favorite among famed clients Martha Stewart, Calvin Klein, Robert DeNiro etc.)