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weddings: find out what advice photographer melissa Mlejnek has for the bride

Melissa Mlejnek of La De Da Photography shared with us some of her expert advice and even what color palette she personally loves to see at weddings. Sometimes you don’t think of things that could have made the day go more smoothly until after the fact. Melissa has photographed countless weddings and shares a few tips to make your day picture perfect.  Here’s what she had to say:

“I suggest for the bridesmaids to always be in their attire before the bride places her dress on. This is a very important, because sometimes there is a flurry of activity when it’s the time for the bride to start dressing. It’s so great to capture all those special moments, such as tears and giggles from the bridesmaids as the most anticipated moment arrives of the bride wearing her dress and her look is all coming together. So my advice is that the girls have their hair, makeup and dresses on during this time, which is of absolute importance.”
“The colors that truly inspire my heart are found in nature. The color of the beach, the ocean with so many different shades of blues and greens. I also am inspired by a neutral palette or warm coral and rustic neutrals. I have seen a lot of hot pink but I love seeing softer pastel colors with a punch of contrast… but never anything too perfect or anything too large to take away from the bride and her dress.” – Melissa Mlejnek, La De Da Photography
la de da wedding: navy maids: green flowers.001