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weddings: food & cocktails can be part of your color palette too

When planning a wedding or any celebration, as you know I have always recommended deciding on your location and then selecting a color palette. I say start with your location because there might be some specific colors at your location that can’t be changed and you want to consider your surroundings. Once you select a color palette it will make planning easier as the choices are narrowed down for you AND your celebration will look cohesive and thoughtful. Your color palette is not only your table linens and flowers though. When you consider all your details of your party don’t forget your food and cocktails can also be in keeping with your color palette. Now I don’t mean go crazy, your dinner and main course should not be all one color palette of course. Your cocktails, some of your appetizers and desserts you can have fun with though and if the option arises think within your palette. Here are some examples within this week’s color palette of yellow and green. Above, from caterer Peter Callahan, mini margaritas and fish tacos. Below, grilled corn with cajun seasoning and lime.

grilled corn with lime.001

Whiskey Lemonade with Honey Simple Syrup from Foodie Crush.

whiskey lemonade.001

Lemon cupcakes via Normal Activities.

lemon cupcakes.001

I wanted to add these inspirational photos too in a green and yellow palette to show you your bouquet or table setting color palettes don’t have to be so literal. For example just because your color palette is yellow and green you don’t have to have a bouquet of all yellow roses. An organic mix of foliage and flowers is really soft and beautiful. Also in the table setting below, for a spring or summer party the cloths would look fresh and light if they were white, but this couple used a neutral brown cloth and fruitwood ballroom chairs which would be pretty in fall or winter with this color palette.

yellow and green bouquet.001

Bouquet by Lime Flowers. Table setting & centerpieces by Salt Harbor Designs.

yellow and green centerpieces.001

My stylist note: Notice how the tray is dark wood in the photo above with mini margaritas and tacos. Little details like this are important when planning an event. The trays, waiters’ uniforms etc. are just as important so that they are in keeping with the overall style of your event. For instance, if you are having a very modern wedding in a loft, you might want to speak to your caterer about what the presentation is of the hors d’oeuvres and food. If you go to great lengths to design everything else and they serve food on traditional silver round trays, it would look out of place. Or the same thing with the servers, again for example, if it was a more modern or casual wedding, the waiters in black jackets and bow ties would seem out of place. You can always discuss what the servers will wear. Some other suggestions could be just white shirts and black pants, black shirts and black pants, white shirts and bistro aprons or even polo shirts and khakis if your reception is on the beach. -Lynn Butler Beling