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weddings: marrying your style to your location- here are our tips for a happy union

Sometimes trying to decide on the decor of a location for a celebration can be very tricky. The obvious is have the decor mirror the design aesthetic of the building but the location might not represent your style 100%. Here is an great example of a modern location but with natural branches as centerpieces- the opposite of what you might expect.  By keeping the centerpieces all the same and all the table decor in a neutral color palette the execution is more modern in feel but the organic silhouette of the branches softens the modernity of the space. Simple hurricanes with ivory candles create a romantic glow that also keeps the table settings soft and romantic but minimal in style. (A more traditional toile or floral cloth or ornate plates and glasses would not work here because having the entire table setting opposite of what the location aesthetic is fights with the space-keeping the cloths, chair covers and tableware in this space neutral and minimal still keeps that modern feel, allowing the branches to stand out. ) So if you love your location but you’re not so committed to it’s architectural style, have your floral designer show you a flower on your wish list. A flower that represents your style but a bit unexpected and opposite of what might be the obvious choice. It may surprise you and you might find a happy medium between location and your personal style- a compromise so to speak.  Photos and floral design by Michael George Flowers.

michael george branch close up.001

Another example (below) of this is one from my own wedding. My church was very ornate in design, but my floral designer (Susan Holland) created dark wooden rectangular boxes filled with all white tulips. The arrangements were very minimal in design. They represented more of my own personal style but it was very unexpected in this location.  The result didn’t feel out of place and they didn’t compete with all the ornate decor. -Lynn Butler Beling


Photo by Holger Thoss.