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weddings with matthew robbins: a chic neutral woodland inspired color palette will lead to a beautiful and elegant wedding

I love all things inspired by natural environments. During my last trip to Ireland I obsessed over the abundance of ferns growing everywhere. I also love the woodland environments of Northern California filled with lush greens and towering trees. All of those places and things inspired the color palette and the treatment of the following arrangements and vignettes. Keep in mind you can have a chic, elegant bouquet, centerpiece and party even if you want the decor to be inspired by all things wild and lush. I know many times this type of inspiration can lead to feeling like everything needs to look like an overgrown forest or garden but subtle embellishments such as green ferns and textures, organic surfaces, natural objects/still life and a neutral palette will lead to a beautiful and elegant wedding.

Matthew Robbins is the author of “Inspired Weddings: Designing Your Big Day with Favorite Objects and Family Treasures” and regular contributor to Martha Stewart Weddings magazine.

(of note: bouquet flowers pictured above are sweet peas, ranunculus, veronica and white tweedia)