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September 11th, 2013 1 Comment

how would floral & event designer matthew robbins plan his own wedding?

You can finallly find out! Matthew Robbins‘ gorgeous wedding is featured this month in Martha Stewart Weddings. Matthew, a brilliant floral and event designer and a long time contributor at Martha Stewart Weddings (a contributor to our blog too!) also has a book to help you plan your wedding entitled Matthew Robbins Inspired Weddings. Although you can view Matthew’s wedding online in the link above this is one print issue you’ll want to actually have in your hands and scour over. Issues are on sale now so best to pick up your copy before they are gone!  – Lynn … Read more

December 26th, 2012 No Comments

weddings with matthew robbins: 6 steps for successful hunting & gathering for your wedding inspiration

Green is definitely a big focus color for 2013 as well as a return to crisp clean colors. But any color combination or personal objects can serve as seeds for unique and personal wedding designs. Think of planning your wedding as a process of hunting and gathering: You’re hunting for personal, meaningful items and gathering design details that will allow you to bring out the elements you most love about these items. Fresh ideas can come from anywhere, be it an interesting trinket I pick up in a Paris flea market, or a beautiful piece of fruit at my local … Read more

December 19th, 2012 No Comments

weddings with matthew robbins: there’s a wonderful boldness that happens when you allow green to be paired with crisp white

This ultrarefined palette of green and white is fresh. You’ll be amazed at how much we can do with a seemingly limited range of tones. There’s a wonderful boldness that happens when you allow green, which normally finds itself in a supporting role, to be paired with crisp whites. I’m rather obsessed with the green and white color palette. It can be challenging to work within an extremely tight palette like this, but in general it forces you to be more creative and to dig a little deeper that you would have otherwise. This palette can work just about anywhere, … Read more

December 12th, 2012 No Comments

weddings with matthew robbins: a chic neutral woodland inspired color palette will lead to a beautiful and elegant wedding

I love all things inspired by natural environments. During my last trip to Ireland I obsessed over the abundance of ferns growing everywhere. I also love the woodland environments of Northern California filled with lush greens and towering trees. All of those places and things inspired the color palette and the treatment of the following arrangements and vignettes. Keep in mind you can have a chic, elegant bouquet, centerpiece and party even if you want the decor to be inspired by all things wild and lush. I know many times this type of inspiration can lead to feeling like everything … Read more

December 5th, 2012 No Comments

weddings with matthew robbins: bring a welcoming, friendlier edge to vibrant red by pairing it with light tones & accents

“Red is often a color we all shy away from or we completely embrace. There isn’t much compromise when it comes to this vibrant color. I love red tones but don’t always enjoy going the typical route of pairing red with other jewel tones. A great way to bring a welcoming, friendlier edge to this intense color is to pair it with softer, lighter tones and accents as I did here. Instead of a deep, rich table linen I chose a textured, golden wheat tone. The dinner napkins were also an elegant golden yellow tone and even the votive candles … Read more

December 5th, 2012 No Comments

A Month of Weddings on Wednesdays with floral and event expert Matthew Robbins!

I have a very special contributor for weddings that I post every Wednesday. Matthew Robbins, owner of Matthew Robbins Design and author of “Inspired Weddings”: Designing Your Big Day with Favorite Objects & Family Treasures, will be sharing his expertise with us every Wednesday in December.  You may know Matthew from his contributions to Martha Stewart Weddings magazine, blog, radio and television show, The Huffington Post and the just to name a few.  If you aren’t familiar with Matthew’s work you are in for a treat! His book is beautiful and a perfect gift for every bride planning … Read more

September 12th, 2012 No Comments

weddings: matthew robbins centerpiece

Matthew Robbins has been contributing for Martha Stewart Weddings for years now. I’m sure you’ve seen his beautiful floral design grace the magazine pages and on television appearances. Matthew released a book this past spring entitled “Inspired Weddings”. Here is a beautiful floral blue and violet centerpiece in a black urn Matthew did for a wedding. Finding special containers and pieces to create a unique celebration environment is one of Matthew’s hallmark traits. If you are looking for something other than your basic glass containers that your local florist might provide, try visiting your local prop house that … Read more