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what would a yellow door say about you?

A yellow door is said to channel positive energy and foster your mental sharpness. Yellow represents joy, happiness, imagination and hope. This door shown above has a bit more orange to it and orange can denote creativity, enthusiasm and success.  Yellow attracts attention, so you may want to use a bright color like this if your door is hard to find or maybe you just want to be the house that is most noticed on your block. You can see what an impact yellow can have when it’s a solid door vs. the glass door with very little area of color, almost like a frame. Some studies show that men tend to perceive yellow as childish though, so you may not want to paint your door yellow if you are trying to sell a home, because it could also bring up associations with spontaneity, which might correlate with the feeling of instability. But I bet most people would just feel happy as they walk up to a yellow door.

yellow mudroom doors.001

Also in our color palette this week is green which represents growth, prosperity and calm, perfect as a front door color option. Most houses are surrounded by greenery and foliage so a shade of green on your front door would look more serene with the outdoors suggesting harmony, stability and safety. (Ok, this might be a better choice if you are trying to sell your home) Narrow your color choices down to a few options and make paint swatches- large panels if you can, so that you can stand back and really see how the color will be against your house shingles. Also you want to look at your paint swatches at different times of the day. In the morning a color might look deeper than in the middle of the day when the sun hits it directly. Then look at it at the time of day you come home from work- this will be the time you will see your door most often and it will have an impact on your mood coming home.

green front door with glass panels.001

light green front door.001

For Paint color options, see our post from Monday. We selected paint colors from Benjamin Moore in this color palette.

Photos: yellow door with yellow bench via apartment therapy, yellow door with glass via in situ studio, green door with glass panels via bing images, light green door on house with black shutters via certa pro flag staff.