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a southern wedding chocked full of ideas to inspire you all weekend long

Photographer Liz Banfield and event planner Tara Guerard teamed up to bring us these beautiful images of a Mount Pleasant, South Carolina wedding just full of beautiful details. We usually feature weddings on Wednesdays but we thought we’d give you an inspirational celebration to start your weekend off early. This bride and groom carried their monogram throughout their entire wedding from the programs to the cake. All printed materials are from The Lettered Olive. Liz and Tara have two wedding books available here. For more monogram ideas for your wedding or celebration check out our post on monograms.

liz banfield bride and mother.001

liz banfield bouquet.001

liz banfield bridesmaids: slate blue.001

liz banfield sq wreath.001

liz banfield church pews.001

liz banfield pew markers.001

liz banfield programs.001

liz banfield roses in urn.001

liz banfield wedding rice.001

liz banfield long walkway on sand.001

liz banfield champange orchids.001

liz banfield cocktail table.001

liz banfield sputniks.001

liz banfiled monogram cake .001

liz banfield sq wreath & garland .001

liz banfield sweet dreams .001