October 12th, 2012 No Comments

count your steps: decal numbers for stairs

A fun idea for your stairs, especially if you have young children, is to add wall decal numbers to the risers of your stairs. This is much easier than painting on a stencil and they are easily removable. I usually use the company Wall Words for any decal project I do. For this one I used “Garamond” type in 2.5 inches in height and the color I chose was “Wedgewood Blue”. When I entered the custom order I just made sure to put enough spaces in between the numbers so I would be sure to have enough room to cut the numbers apart.

Wall Words sends the flat wood stirrer that you need to rub the decal to the wall. When you are taping something like a decal to your wall paint to see where you would like it placed, remember to use painters tape so the paint doesn’t come off the wall.  I chose to put the numbers on the molding riser going up the stairs so that the kids can count along both going up and down the stairs. If I only put them on the risers next to the carpet runner the kids would only be able to see them as they go up the stairs. Once I figured out where I liked each number I marked the stirrer with painters tape as a guide to measure both from the left and the bottom so each number would be placed in exactly the same place on each riser. Total time to measure and rub 14 decals was about 50 minutes.