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temporary decorating solutions for walls

Whether you are renting a space that you can’t do anything to the walls or your child needs a visual lift to their dorm room there are a few temporary decorating solutions that you may want to explore. One is a trick I did on photo shoot sets. Take a 4′ x 8′ piece of Gator Board (which is more sturdy than foam core) and wallpaper it. Then lean it up against your wall or behind a piece of furniture (like you see above). Wallpaper several boards for a larger effect. Gator Board also comes in 4′ x 12′ if you have tall ceilings. You can order this board from The Set Shop. A fabulous place in New York City for vintage wallpaper and single rolls is Secondhand Rose. Even if you don’t plan on wallpapering anything this is an inspiring place to visit.

Another solution is temporary wallpaper. Tempaper has many different patterns to choose from like this Berry from the Medallion CollectionBronze Edie or the Sea Fans or Driftwood from the Karen Robertson Collection for Tempaper.

tempaper wallpaper berry.001

tempaper wallpaper.001

And for a very fast and inexpensive way to decorate your walls head over to AllPosters.com and take a look at their wall decals. The trees are usually my favorite but there are literally thousands of things to choose from. These decals come off easily with no harm to the paint or the drywall. – Lynn Butler Beling

all posters cherry blossom wall decal.001