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weddings: a tiffany inspired table setting

Event designer and florist, Michael George and I worked on this story for InStyle. Inspired by Tiffany Blue, we used the color in small details and accents throughout vs. draping everything in blue. We selected white flowers, cloths, chairs, china etc. as our backdrop for the blue to pop. Using different sized vases in blues and whites from Middle Kingdom we placed them running down the center of long rectangular tables keeping them low so guests can see each other.  Notice to add interest to the centerpieces we used all different types of white flowers- but did not mix them up in an arrangement. Each vase held one particular type of flower. On the ends of the table runners I had the table numbers embroidered with each table number from Penn and Fletcher in Long Island City- as well as the couple’s monogram embroidered on the back of the bride and groom chairs. Gail Brill of Gail Brill Design designed the numbers, flourishes and monograms for me and then the embroidery company used those as a pattern for the linen pieces. Each place setting had a blue linen napkin, a blue place card (blue quilling paper cut down to size) calligraphed with white ink for names (calligraphy also done by Gail) and a Tiffany box petit four. I enlisted the help of caterer Peter Callahan, known for his small creations to do the petit fours. Each petit four was placed on a paper coaster with scalloped edges so that it didn’t rest on the napkin itself. We kept all the flatware and accessories in traditional styles and in silver so overall the table setting remained classic in design. What really put a more modern twist to the table was the vases, but you could use classic mint julep cups, glass vases or a mixture of mint julep cups and silver goblets or vases that are readily available from most rental companies.