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Weddings: Sugar Flower Cakes

Since we featured baker, Ron Ben-Israel’s Sugar Peony Cake color palette on Monday I thought I’d show you the entire cake from that story I worked on with Ron that appeared in InStyle Weddings magazine. It’s just so hard to believe they are sugar flowers, isn’t it? The photographer didn’t even realize they were sugar until she came up close to move one of the flowers! (The original cake body fondant was a lavender/pink color and the magazine paper printed a bit more blue in color- which was unfortunate.) If your baker is talented enough to make sugar flowers it’s always a beautiful choice and they can hold up longer than fresh flowers. Remember that not all fresh flowers are edible and some can even be poisonous, like Lily of the Valley for instance. So make sure to consult an edible flower guide. With that in mind Lily of the Valley SUGAR flowers would be a wonderful choice for your cake vs. the real ones.

rbi peony sugar flower close up.001

This spring flower cake I worked on with baker, Wendy Kromer shows you how to incorporate several different varieties of flowers on one cake. Photo by Dana Gallagher for Martha Stewart Weddings. ms spring sugar flower cake.001

Your sugar flowers don’t always have to be realistic either, another cake Wendy and I worked on for MSW is this Daisy Cake. The flowers are a bit more whimsical and the same flower is in all different sizes. Photo by Dana Gallagher for Martha Stewart Weddings.

ms sugar flower cake w girl.001

Note the cake stands too- each one of these cake stands mirrors the shape of the cake tiers. A custom cake stand is always pretty easy to acquire, ask your baker if they work with someone on a regular basis. For the measurements of the stand, take the size of the bottom tier and add about 2 inches to get your total circumference.