August 5th, 2013 No Comments

this week’s color palette: sandy neutrals

Creating a color palette for your home can be a bit easier if you choose something you are inspired by… like the sea, sand, a forest, even a farmer’s market. I always like to keep in mind the flow from room to room. As you are sitting in one room you will be looking into the adjacent rooms, so it’s a good idea to consider what colors are next to each other as you travel throughout your home. Pale shades of neutral colors for your walls are always a good investment and you can bring in color or keep within a neutral palette through your furniture, accessories and art. But there is something so soothing about this neutral sandy palette, especially for bedrooms, hallways/entranceways, bathrooms and kitchens. These colors I’ve selected above are from Benjamin Moore’s Color Stories Color Collection. -Lynn Butler Beling

neutral entranceway w lantern.001

gray molding in bath.001

sandy neutral bathroom.001

sandy neutral bath w wood tile.001

neutral kitchen w gray counters.001