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December 31st, 2012 No Comments

color palette: pink, blush, stone, metallics

As we end 2012 and go forward with a brand new year, this palette of pink, blush, stones colors and metallics seems fresh and clean. I talked about emerald green as Pantone’s 2013 color of the year, but then Benjamin Moore has a soft yellow called Lemon Sorbet as color of the year that they are mixing with mint, coral, pink, blue and vanilla neutrals. I’m anxious to watch the award shows in January and February to see what colors will trend in the girls’ gowns. I think it sometimes predicts the mood of the year in both fashion and … Read more

December 27th, 2012

6 of my favorite new neutral paints from benjamin moore’s color stories line

As much as we talk about color and what the new ‘it’ color trend will be this year, I started talking about whites and creams at the beginning of the week to close the year.  Neutrals are a great backdrop for these pops of color that all the shelter magazines endorse and realistically what most homes are painted. Not many people venture out to paint a room a bold red, or a cobalt blue or a sunflower yellow I have found during my work. Most people ask for a calming, perfect neutral color. And really, if you plan to sell … Read more

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weddings with matthew robbins: 6 steps for successful hunting & gathering for your wedding inspiration

Green is definitely a big focus color for 2013 as well as a return to crisp clean colors. But any color combination or personal objects can serve as seeds for unique and personal wedding designs. Think of planning your wedding as a process of hunting and gathering: You’re hunting for personal, meaningful items and gathering design details that will allow you to bring out the elements you most love about these items. Fresh ideas can come from anywhere, be it an interesting trinket I pick up in a Paris flea market, or a beautiful piece of fruit at my local … Read more

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color palette: shades of whites and creams

As most of us are on holiday, it allows a little extra time for baking and cooking for family and friends. One of my favorite books is Donna Hay’s Flavors. The chapters are broken up into vanilla, lemon + lime, ginger, chilli, garlic + onion, chocolate, salt + pepper, basil + mint, and cinnamon + spice. Each chapter gives you the ‘basics’, quick good ideas and simple recipes. Pictured above from the book are her vanilla meringues. Here is the recipe in case you’d like to try them. An all-white New Year’s Eve party can be very chic. These … Read more

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blue cheese green bean casserole…sounds delicious!

Since Thanksgiving and the winter holiday meals are so similar, (at least in my house they are), I thought this recipe I found on Closet Cooking, with a new take on the classic green bean casserole sounds delicious. I’m not the best of cooks but I am going to try this recipe for Christmas dinner this year. Here is the recipe, let me know if you try it and come back and comment! I’d love to hear how you like it.    

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owners ken weiner & pam fleischer keep the flame burning at the creative candles company in kansas city, missouri

As usual the owners of Creative Candles, Ken Weiner and Pam Fleischer are right on trend. As Pantone announced Emerald Green as 2013’s color of the year, Creative Candles was already selling and shipping their new color “Emerald” green in their new Metallics line, also consisting of Silver, Gold and Ruby. In the new year Copper, Pearl and Sapphire will be introduced in Metallics- giving you a glimpse of future color trends perhaps?  Founded in 1961 by Duane and Nancy Benton, the Benton’s sold the company in 1998 to two business men, and then in 2005 husband and wife, … Read more

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weddings with matthew robbins: there’s a wonderful boldness that happens when you allow green to be paired with crisp white

This ultrarefined palette of green and white is fresh. You’ll be amazed at how much we can do with a seemingly limited range of tones. There’s a wonderful boldness that happens when you allow green, which normally finds itself in a supporting role, to be paired with crisp whites. I’m rather obsessed with the green and white color palette. It can be challenging to work within an extremely tight palette like this, but in general it forces you to be more creative and to dig a little deeper that you would have otherwise. This palette can work just about anywhere, … Read more

December 18th, 2012 No Comments

holiday place settings- keep it simple & start now

A lot of people have been e-mailing me asking how to keep their place setting easy to do for the holidays. Instructions for napkin folds and difficult crafts aren’t so realistic during the busy holiday season, I know.  In the evenings leading up to the holidays I try to do at least one task to prepare for the rush of Christmas and New Years. For instance, tonight I’ll iron the napkins and tablecloth so they are ready. A very simple, but elegant place setting is to fold the napkins into a rectangle, and put a beautiful ribbon around the napkin- … Read more

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this week’s color palette: emerald green

Pantone recently released the 2013 Color of the Year- Emerald Green. Green is supposed to symbolize renewal, balance and calm- something I think we are all hoping for this next year. What do you think of their color choice?  I’d love to hear! Leave me a comment. For me personally we are planning a family trip to Ireland this year, so maybe this is a good omen.  I kissed the Blarney stone (many) years ago- I think it’s time I renewed my luck. Below I’ve included the past years’ colors. I think it’s interesting to see how the colors ended … Read more

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i’ll be gnome for christmas, love amelie xoxo

I was talking about a ‘woodland’ inspired color palette all week. Well when I think of the woods I tend to think of gnomes too, and little red top mushrooms with white polka dots. I came across and to my delight they have gnome gift wrap, tissue, bags and stickers! Have you ever seen the 2001 movie “AMELIE” with Audrey Tautou? It’s such a charming French movie and gnomes in her father’s yard play an important part in Amelie pushing her father towards happiness. It’s a witty and feel-good movie for anyone. Why not give this … Read more